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Rover 18" Mower Balde & Bolt Set x 4 (BNC6336)

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Made from high-quality steel this blade and bolt set is perfect for DUI homeowners looking to service their and maintain the quality of cut on your lawn. This set is perfect for professionals as it's easy to change over when on the job site.


Description: Non-Genuine Jetfast - SupaSwift, McCulloch, Rover, Scott Bonnar, Talon Domestic Blade And Bolt Set Combo (2 Pair), Skin Packed For Retail Display


Replaces OEM: Jetfast - SupaSwift 3010500 (blades), 4160690A (Tension Washer), 7020008A (Nuts), 7181070A (Bolts) Rover 333-100-0001, A03830/672K, A03930/673K (blade and bolt set part numbers), 742-04404 (blades), 712-0130 (nuts), 736-04618 (tension washers), 738-04547 (bolts), Scott Bonnar 333-100-0001, A03830/672K, A03930/673K (blade and bolt set part numbers), 742-04404 (blades), 712-0130 (nuts), 736-04618 (tension washers), 738-04547 (bolts), Talon A09228305001



• Flat blades with offset bolt hole and formed flute

• Extended cutting edge for mulching

• Suits rear catcher and mulch 'n catch models

• Includes matching bolt sets

• Skin packed for retail display

• Fitting diagrams and instructions on back of pack


Fits: 18" (457 mm) cut SupaSwift Blue 777XMC model (fitted with Honda GCV160 engine) and 777KMC model (fitted with a Kohler XT-6 engine) steel chassis rear catcher domestic walk-behind lawn mower models.


Fits: 46cm (460 mm) cut McCulloch M46 (Chinese OHV engine) black painted pressed steel chassis rear catcher domestic lawn mower models.


Fits: 18" (457 mm) and 20" (508 mm) cut Rover rear catcher and Mulch 'N Catch domestic walk-behind and self-propelled lawn mower models including Baron (models 30531 and 11A-E0LJ363 year 2013), Blaxland (model 11A-H0LJ363 year 2016), Cams, Challenger (models 30631, 30690, 30691, 30694 and 11A-H00J333 year 2014), Challenger Mulch 'N Catch (models 11A-H10L333 year 2014, 11A-H1KA333 years 2012, 2014, 11A-H1LE333 years 2014, 2014 and 2016 ), Challenger Special (models 30632 and 30692), Challenger SP Mulch 'N' Catch Self-Propelled (models 12A-H1KA333 years 2012 to 2014 and 12A-H1LE333 years 2012, 2014), Challenger Xtra (models 11A-H0KA333 years 2012, 2014, 11A-H0LB333 years 2012, 2014 and 11A-H00K333 year 2014), Combat (model 31791), Combat Special, Craftsman (models 30431, 30490 and 30491), Core Duracut 1010 (model 18AEH0TY333 year 2017), Craftsman Deluxe (model 354T2), Craftsman Special (model 30432), Crusader (model 30494), Crusader Deluxe (model 
35492), Crusader Special (model 30492), Durable Mulch 'N Catch Special, Duracut 400
(model 11A-H0TY333 years 2017, 2019), Duracut 410 (model 11A-H2TY333 years 2017,
2019), Duracut 420 (model 11A-H1TY333 years 2017, 2019), Duracut 820 (model
11A-H1TZ333 year 2017), Duracut 850 SP (model 12A-H1TZ333 year 2017), Duracut 850
SP Self-Propelled (model 12B-H1R9333 year 2019), Easy Go (model 07593), Easy Go
Self-Propelled, Easy Mow Self-Propelled (model 07592), Easy Push, Easy Start, Easy
Start Xtra, Easy Trim (models 30228 and 302T3), Easy Trim Self-Propelled, Fairway (models 30326 and 30328), Fairway Xtra (models 30329 and 30390), Flinders (model 11A-H1LJ363 year 2016), Macquarie 11A-H1LE363 years 2016 to 2017), Oxley (model
11A-H10Z363 year 2016), Pedigree (models 30191, 30192 and 30194), Pedigree Mulch 'N Catch, Pedigree Special, Power Master (model 30226), Power Master Deluxe (model 30231), PowerStart (models 03533 and 03593), Premier (models 03548 and 351T2), Pro
Cut 50 Mulch 'N' Catch (models 11A-F1KB333 year 2013, 11A-F1L3333 year 2014 and
11A-F1KB333 year 2017), Pro Cut 50 SP Mulch 'N' Catch Self-Propelled (model
12AVF1KB333 year 2014, 12AVF1L3333 year 2013 and 12AVF1LH333 year 2013),
Professional Supercut 18, Professional Supercut 45 and 50, Quick Start Deluxe,
Quick Start Mulch 'N Catch, Quick Start Xtra (model 11A-H0LB373 year 2012), Raider
(model 30831), Regal (model 31632), Regal Mulch 'N Catch (models 11A-E1KA333 year
2013, 11A-E1LB333 year 2013, 11A-E1LB333 year 2013, 11A-E1L2333 year 2014,
12B-E1L2333 year 2016, 12BEE1L4333 year 2016, 11A-E1KA333 year 2016 and 11A-E1L2333 year 2017), Regal SP Mulch 'N Catch Self-Propelled (models 12A-E1L2333 year 2014 and 12A-E1LB333 year 2013), Regal Mulch 'N' Catch KS with Key Start (models
11AEE1LI333 year 2013 and 11AEE1L4333 year 2014), Regal SP Mulch 'N' Catch KS -
Self-Propelled with Key Start (models 12AEE1LI333 year 2013 and 12AEE1L4333 year
2014), Rover Leader (MSAA), Rover 2 Stroke Deluxe, Self-Propelled 18" 2 Stroke, Self-Propelled XDS46, Supercut and 220, Supremo, Thoroughbred (models 03511 and
03598), 200 Series, 2 Stroke XL (model 03522), Wayfarer (model 30331), XDS46
Self-Propelled (model 70648) etc.


Fits: Scott Bonnar Greenkeeper SX4000 (models 19045 only, refer to notes) Mulch 'N Catch domestic walk-behind lawn mower models.

Fits: 19” (483 mm) cut Talon AM3050 (uses 1 pair of blades) and AM3054 (uses 2 pairs of blades) rear catcher lawn mower models.


Hole Size: (inches) 1/2"

Hole Size: (mm) 12.7 mm

Length: (in): 3 3/4"

Length: (mm): 95.25 mm

Width: (inches) 2"

Width: (mm) 50.8 mm

Kit consists of:

• BBN442 x 2 bolt sets

• BLD5695 x 2 blades sets

Standard Pack Quantity: 1 (2 Pairs / set of 4)

Box Quantity: 30 (Sets of 4)

Australian Made: Yes

Footnote: All length measurements are from the centre of bolt hole to end of blade. Sold in sets of two (2) unless otherwise stated.

Brand: Jetfast - Non Genuine, McCulloch Non-Genuine, Rover - Non Genuine, Scott Bonnar Non-Genuine, SupaSwift - Non Genuine, Talon Non-Genuine, UTA,

Product Line: Blade and bolt set combination, domestic swing back blade and bolt set combination, swing back blade and bolt set


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