Free Assembly & Premium Handover

Enjoy a VIP Experience on Pickup

At GYC, we care about making your time in the garden as easy and stress-free as possible. Part of what we do to make that happen is provide a high level of customer support and service even before you take your new purchase home.

After all, without knowing how to assemble or get the most out of your equipment, you’ll likely miss important steps and features that would otherwise save you time and hassle trying to work out for yourself.

Our Premium Assembly & Handover service is designed to make sure that when you pick up your order, it is assembled and ready to use as soon as you get home (plus you’ll know exactly how to operate it).

Premium Assembly Details

Say goodbye to assembly instructions. Instead of picking up a cardboard box, our expert technicians will cover absolutely everything to build and prepare your product for immediate use. All you need to focus on are the fun parts of mowing, blowing, trimming and more!

List of Inclusions:

  • Order fully unboxed
  • All rubbish disposed
  • Professionally assembled
  • Run-up, tuned and tested

Premium Handover Details

How many times have you bought something new for the home, and weeks later you’re still trying to work it out? Or perhaps you thought it would be easier to use, or that you would get more out of it.

Quite often, we take shortcuts and want to rip in without understanding the products we buy, and this can lead to overlooking features and product benefits which are designed to make our lives easier.

At GYC, we make sure that at the time of picking up new equipment, all customers know every feature they need and exactly how to operate their product like a pro.

List of Inclusions:

  • Tailored professional advice
  • Walkthrough of key features
  • Walkthrough of operation
  • Assistance loading into your vehicle

Please note that Premium Assembly & Handover is only available on Click n Collect orders.

If you have any questions about GYC’s Premium Assembly & Handover, please contact us.