Leaf Blowers & Garden Vacuums Sydney

Need to remove excess leaves, foliage or litter from your yard, driveway or outdoor space? Then it might be time to invest in a leaf blower or blower vac! But which do you choose? 

At GYC Mower Depot, we have a huge selection of blower vacs and leaf blowers Sydney wide and our staff have the expertise you need to help make the right decision.

We sell both domestic and commercial blowers and blower vacs in all forms, from a hand held blower vac to a walk-behind leaf blower. Visit us in store or make your purchase online directly from our website wherever you are located across Sydney or New South Wales.

If you’re looking for a leaf blower with superior quality, the Atom Airlift 855 Petrol Leaf Blower is a great option. Weighing merely 4.3 kg, it comes with a heavy duty, Honda GX25 4 stroke engine that’s built to work even under...

Airlift 835 Deluxe AV Homeowner High-performance 2-stroke blower with 26FC-3 engine. Light (3.5 kg), easy starting, smooth running, with antivibration handle and a strong airblast (290 kmh).
Billy Goat F601V Wheeled Blower
RRP: $1,599.00
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Billy Goat QV550HSP Petrol Vacuum
RRP: $5,999.00
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Echo PB2155 Petrol Leaf Blower
RRP: $299.00
Powered by a reliable 21.2cc engine, the Echo PB2155 Petrol Leaf Blower boasts a wind velocity of 216 kph and a weight of only 4.10 kg, making it ideal for the domestic user dealing with a small area. There is a high quality air filter that helps keep...