STIHL Battery Powered Products

STIHL RMA510 Battery Lawn Mower

STIHL RMA510 Battery Lawn Mower

  • Reduced-Emission Engine Technology produces zero or low exhaust emissions

  • Locking Key prevents accidental starting of the motor

  • Conveniently lightweight (only 27 lbs.) with folding handles, making it easy to transport and to store

  • No gradual drop in power, so you can work at full speed until battery is depleted

  • Instant startup, just push the button and pull the switch lever

Stihl MSA200C-BQ Battery Chainsaw

Stihl MSA200C-BQ Battery Chainsaw

  • The MSA 200 C-BQ is the top model in the STIHL battery chainsaw

  • The cut strong powerhouse in the 36 V class is the ideal tool, when removing, in horticulture, in grounds maintenance, firewood when sawing or all sawing in enclosed spaces

  • The EC motor gets up to 55% more power from the battery and protects him there - because the battery life increases up to 70%. He also convinces with low weight, compact dimensions and almost wear-free mechanism

  • The black soft component on the rear control handle ensures a secure and firm grip under all working positions. The shift lever has to be unlocked via the lateral lock button

Stihl HTA85 Battery Pole Saw

Stihl HTA85 Battery Pole Saw

  • This quiet, lightweight cordless pole pruner cuts and trims trees up to 5 meters tall cleanly, quickly and comfortably

  • Super quite - Perfect for noise-sensitive areas such as parks, schools, hospital grounds and residential areas

  • Thanks to its telescopic shaft, the pruner can be adjusted between 2.7 meters and 3.9 meters, with a quick action, tool-free locking system

Stihl MSA160C-BQ Battery Chainsaw

Stihl MSA160C-BQ Battery Chainsaw

  • Simple design and features! And with its low noise level, which makes it ideal for use when inside noise-sensitive zones, residential areas, and commercial buildings

  • Powerful, lightweight, quiet and CORDLESS using a lithium-ion battery

  • Zero emissions

Stihl RMA410C Battery Lawn Mower
Save $130.00

Stihl RMA410C Battery Lawn Mower

  • Large wheels with high quality ball bearings for easy running

  • Tread pattern provides better traction and allows for easy cleaning

  • Lithium-ion batteries store a lot of power for excellent cutting results

  • Features an ergonomic fully adjustable handle bar for easy mowing

  • Fully backed by Stihl's 2 year domestic warranty

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