Your Premier Ride On Mower Sydney Store

Your Premier Ride On Mower Sydney Store

When you have a lawn or field of a certain size, at some point it becomes a much better investment for your time and money to try your hand with ride on mowers instead. Cut and mow your way through acres of lawn in no time, and with the best ride on mowers on the market at your disposal, you can do all your lawn work in comfort and style.

At GYC Mower Depot, we have a huge range of  ride on mowers available, with everything from the latest releases to the most affordable deals ready for your purchase. We ensure to give you the best choices available on the market for your ride on mower. Whether you’re a first-timer or a veteran when it comes to ride on mowers, our experienced team will assist you in finding exactly what you need for your work and your yard.

Ensuring Quality: Stocking the Top 3 Brands

We, at GYC Mower Depot, are committed towards connecting you with the best products and brands in the ride on mower industry. Unlike some competitors, we’re not in the market of selling you low-quality products for impossible prices; customer satisfaction is our ultimate guarantee, which is why our stores are stocked with brands that we would ourselves. These top three brands in ride on mowers include Toro, Rover, and Cub Cadet, and each has a proven track record of supplying reliable service and sturdy products.

• Toro: Toro products keep yard work simple. With Smart features and proven dependability, Toro is one of the most trusted brands in the business, with their own line of ride on mowers, parts, and other accessories.

• Rover: With Rover comes over sixty years of experience of serving lawns all around Australia. Rover products are known for durable and simple ride on mowers; they prioritize safety and quality while turning your lawn into your own perfect green space

• Cub Cadet: Cub Cadet values performance above all else. Whether you need residential or professional lawn work, Cub Cadet can provide the ride on mower you need with maximum efficiency and minimum maintenance.

Understanding What You Need: Tractor Or Zero Turn

As a first-time ride on mower customer, you might not know exactly what kind of ride on mower you need. There are two different types of ride on mowers available: the tractor and the zero turn. Here’s everything you need to know about the two.

Cub Cadet Ride On Mower TractorToro Time Cutter Zero-turn Ride On Mower

Mowing Pattern

This is perhaps the biggest difference between a tractor and a zero-turn mower: the pattern of your mowed lawn. The tractor has a wider turn radius, meaning that when you turn to mow in the other direction after reaching the end of your lawn, you will leave behind clumps of uncut grass. The zero-turn mower can turn with zero radius, meaning you can reverse direction without missing any parts of your lawn in the process. This results in a faster job; while tractors have to reverse and adjust to cut every blade of grass, the zero-turn doesn’t deal with this issue at all.

Closer Control

Tractors are almost always built with steering wheels, while zero-turn ride on mowers sometimes come with a pair of handles instead, which some users may find jarring. These handles do more than just manage the direction of the mower; they also control the brake, which is done by pulling the handles into the neutral position instead of using a traditional pedal, as it is done on the tractor. However, zero-turn has the advantage in that it can make tighter turns, since the operator is in control of the rear wheels instead of the front. This means that it can mow closer to driveways, trees, and other obstacles with little to no hassle.

This does pose a certain problem, however: when dealing with hills, zero-turn ride on mowers can be much more difficult to control, and it is recommended to choose a tractor over a zero-turn mower when dealing with slopes greater than 15 degrees.


Generally, zero-turn ride on mowers are built with higher horsepower ratings than tractors, meaning they edge them out by a few kilometers per hour. However, speed may not always be the feature you are looking for when it comes to mowing your lawn. Some homeowners prefer slower mowers, allowing them to enjoy their time spent mowing their lawn.

Finding the Ride On Mower For You

There’s no better place to shop for your ride on mower than at GYC Mower Depot. Whether you know nothing or everything about ride on mowers, we guarantee that our knowledge and expertise will help you in finding the best purchase for your needs and your budget. Head on over to our store today and find the ride on mower that you’ve been dreaming of.

We also offer standard and ride on mower servicing and repairs for a wide range of mower brands. Contact us today for more information. Call our Peakhurst Head Office on (02) 9584 5860 or visit your local GYC Mower Depot store.