Why It’s Important To Keep Your Ride-On Mower’s Blades Clean & Sharp

Why It’s Important To Keep Your Ride-On Mower’s Blades Clean & Sharp

As a homeowner, nothing looks better than a luscious and vibrant green, well maintained lawn. After an exhausting day’s work mowing, trimming and fertilising, nothing tops the cake like knowing that all your hard work has paid off with a healthy looking lawn. Well, other than breathing in that freshly mown grass smell on your deck with a drink in hand of course!

From time to time you may need to help your lawn fight against problems such as pests, disease and weather conditions, however; there is one enemy you may not know about that is damaging your lawn ... your ride on mower’s blunt mower blades. Believe it or not, blunt mower blades can leave your lawn looking brown and shaggy.

So, what causes your lawn to turn brown?

There are a variety of problems that can turn your lawn brown. Some of these include:

• Under/over watering

• Lack of nutrients

• Pests (lawn grubs, worms & mole crickets)

• Diseases (leaf spots, mildew, etc)

• Animal Urine

• Lawn variety growth requirements (e.g. couch dies back in winter)

• Blunt mower blades

How does blunt ride on mower blades turn your lawn brown?

Blunt ride on mower blades shred and tear at the grass tips. This tearing action, damages the grass making it harder for the grass to repair itself and regrown. Instead, you are left with brown tips and a patchy, weakened lawn that has little defence against disease and pests.

How do I check if my blades are blunt?

Generally, prevention is always better than treating a problem once it has already happened. Prior to mowing your lawn it is a good idea to check your mower’s blades. Wearing thick gloves, ensure the mower is turned off and remove the spark plugs, so you can have a good look at the blades safely. Look for damage to the blades such as dents and bends. Remove any build up to ensure your blades can also spin freely.

How do I sharpen my mower blades?

To sharpen your mower blades wear thick gloves and ensure the power (standard or ride on mower) is turned off and your spark plugs disconnected. Refer to your mower’s owner’s manual and follow instructions to remove the blades. Using a grinder or metal file work in one direction along the blade edge. If you do not feel comfortable performing this task yourself, contact your local mower serviceman. Here at GYC Mower Depot, our highly trained staff can help perform any ride on mower and standard mower servicing and repairs. Contact us today for more information or to book a service.

How often should I check my blades?

As a general rule, mower blades should be checked after approximately 8-10 hours of mowing time. Over time, wear, tear and natural elements (such as moisture), gradually causes your blades to become weak and blunt. It is recommended, “Depending on usage, replace your lawn mower’s blade(s) every 1-3 years.”*

Is there a way to prevent my blades getting blunt?

Though general wear and tear involved in mowing your lawn can cause your blades to become blunt, there are some things you can do to help reduce this process. These include:

• Clearing rocks, sticks and other obstructions

• Look out for obtruding tree roots and mounds that could hit your blades

• Clean build up and grass clipping off your mower and blades with a hose after use

• Mow your lawn regularly, long thick grass can put a lot more strain on your mower and its blades

Regular cleaning, sharpening and servicing your mower and its blades will not only help you to get the most out of your lawn mower, but also help you achieve a lush lawn that the whole family can enjoy.

If you are looking to buy a standard or ride on mower, talk to our experts at GYC Mower Depot. We also offer standard and ride on mower servicing and repairs for a wide range of mower brands. Contact us today for more information. Call our Peakhurst Head Office on (02) 9584 5860 or visit your local GYC Mower Depot store.

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