Why Every Homeowner Needs A Rotary Hoe

Why Every Homeowner Needs A Rotary Hoe

Posted by GYC Mower Depot On 9th Aug 2017 In rotary hoe, rotary hoes, rotary hoes sydney, sydney rotary hoes

Whether you spend ample time in the garden, paddock or backyard preparing vegetable patches, crops or your next project, you could be missing out on the mighty benefits of rotary hoes.

Rotary hoes, or rotary tillers, since their invention by Australian Arthur Clifford Howard in 1912, have been helping Australians cultivate soil and remove weeds naturally and with ease. Rotary hoes brought about a revolution which ended the need for endless hours spent in the hot Australian sun digging up soil by hand. These machines become extremely handy when planting crops, as they can easily churn soil in short amounts of time, with minimal compaction to the soil, however; this isn’t their only use.

Rotary hoes are favoured greatly by organic farmers for their ability to remove weeds, roots and all, preventing the use of chemical herbicides. When soil and weeds are dug up on a hot, sunny day, weeds that are brought to the surface shrivel and perish in the hot sun, preventing their return. Weed removal is also essential in preparing for turf and construction, especially when time is limited.

Equipped with sharp, rotating blades and machinery muscle, rotary hoes can cut through hard, infertile soil to easily level land in small or hard to get to places. With a variety of sizes, power and features now on the market there is a rotary hoe for any job and everyone.

Take the back breaking work out of your life with a rotary hoe that will save you time and effort, whilst providing you with effective results every time.

If you are looking for a rotary hoe for your home or garden talk to us at GYC Mower Depot today. Our team of experts will be able to help you find the right machines for you. Visit us in store or contact us today. Call our Peakhurst Head Office on (02) 9584 5860 for more information.


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