​The Best Honda Lawn Mower Under $1000

​The Best Honda Lawn Mower Under $1000

Honda has always been impressive with its technology, and its line of Honda lawn mowers proves no different. When it comes to garden maintenance, the tech giant has easily become a household favourite with its amazing line of mowers.

What’s not to like? Honda lawn mowers have tough cutter decks that offer great strength-to-weight ratio, responsive propulsion, and powerful engines. It gets the job done, leaving you with an evenly cut grass. The specialty blades come in fours or twos, depending on the size of the lawn. Honda offers a variety of self-propelled mowers as well as the classic walk behind mowers.

And the best part? Honda recognizes the need for more affordable equipment, packaged in the same cutting-edge mower. Here are five of the best Honda lawn mowers under $1000, and why you should buy them:

Product #1: HRE370 (Honda HRE370)


240V Engine 1300W Power Manual Push 14.5” / 37cm Cutting Width Cut & Catch

The  Honda HRE370 retails at $399.00. This Honda lawn mower features a rustproof and lightweight polymer cutting deck and an effective 1.3kW motor. Don’t let the smaller framing fool you. At 15 kg, this lawn mower packs enough power to get the job done for small-sized lawns.

It is perfect for residential areas because of its lightweight, adaptable design. The smaller motor size accounts for its quiet but steady operations. It is design for convenient handling as it can be folded for easy storage.

The  HRE370 is perfect for: first time lawn mowers, people with small yards, people whose yards don’t need constant maintenance.

Product #2: HRR216 Series

Honda has released three lawn mowers under $1,000 for this series. This includes the HRR216PKU at $699, HRR216VKU at $799, and the HRR216VYU at $899.



160cc Honda OHV Engine 3,300W Power Manual Push 21.0” / 53cm Cutting Width Mulch & Catch


While the HRR216PKU might be the more affordable option among the three Honda lawn mowers, don’t let its price tag fool you into doubting its serious power. It features a steel cutting deck that is both lightweight and sturdy for easy control. The handles are extremely comfortable, making it easier to manage.

One of the best things about this unit is that it’s extremely fuel efficient. You don’t have to worry about cords because this compact machine runs on gas. This model offers the exclusive twin blade MicroCut System which allows you to seamlessly mow through your lawn with clean cuts every single time.

The  HRR216PKU is perfect for: people who dislike cords on mowers, people who want affordable but powerful motors, people who prefer four blades instead of two.



• 160cc Honda OHV Engine • 3,300W Power • Self-propelled • 21.0” / 53cm Cutting Width • Mulch & Catch


Next up is the HRR216VKU model. This Honda lawn mower packs the same punch as the other two, but with minor adjustments. It features the same 21” steel cutting deck and 66-litre catch bag as the other two.

What makes the  HRR216VKU different is its Smart Drive feature. It is a self-propelling device that will greatly benefit people who have trouble with mobility and mower handling. This feature allows any kind of user to adjust the mower speed according to their own pace.

The  HRR216VKU is perfect for: people who have back problems, people who need assistance with mowing the lawn, people who have limited mobility.



• 160cc Honda OHV Engine • 3,300W Power • Self-propelled • 21.0” / 53cm Cutting Width • Mulch & Catch


The  HRR216VYU is the more expensive option in the HRR216 series, retailing a little below $1,000. At first glance, there appears to be no significant difference between this model and its earlier counterpart, the  HRR216VKU. The HRR216VYU stands at 41.10 kg and is a bigger, sturdier version of the previous model.

While the model is about 7 kg heavier than the previous model, it features the same 8-inch wheels for easier manoeuvrability. Despite its weight, it’s incredibly easy to drive and the design is incredibly user-friendly.

The  HRR216VYU is perfect for: individuals who have extensive experience mowing lawns, people who prefer heavy-duty mowers.



• 160cc Honda OHV Engine • 3.30kW Power • Manual Push • 19.0” / 47cm Cutting Width • Cut & Catch


The Honda  HRU19K1 Petrol Mower retails at $799.00. This Honda lawn mower is alternatively known as the Honda Buffalo Buck KI Petrol Mower, and it is unique for its aluminium deck material and its 480mm cutting width rust-free alloy chassis. What makes this lawn mower great is that it is easy to start every time with its 160cc GCV engine, cutting back on the effort needed to start mowing the lawn.

Weighing in at just 34.0 kg, the Honda  HRU19K1 Petrol Mower is lighter than other lawn mowers on the market, making it easier to move around from place to place, which may be preferable for those who want to keep the effort and stress of the job low.

This is the ideal solution for gardeners with lawns that are medium to large. This lawn mower is made extra convenient to move around with a set of features including the 2-blade cutting system and heavy duty ball-bearing wheels.

Finding the Best Honda Lawn Mower For You

Price shouldn’t be your only consideration when choosing which among these five Honda lawn mowers is perfect for you. Here are some factors you should consider when deciding which one to get:

● Lawn size – do you need a lightweight motor or a heavy-duty motor?

● Electricity-powered or gas – do you prefer being cordless or not?

● Flexibility – is it easy to adjust the lawn mower?

● Cut size – how much area will you need to cut?

● Blades – would you prefer two blades or four?

● Weight – do you have problems pushing a heavy object?

● Self-propelled – do you have limited mobility and would prefer assistance?

● Bag size – does the mower provide sufficient space for the cut grass?

Find the right lawn mower for you today with GYC, and give your lawn the best service possible.