Sydney’s Ultimate BeefEater BBQ Hub

Sydney’s Ultimate BeefEater BBQ Hub

When you’re looking to create the best outdoor eating experience for your family and guests, there’s no better answer to turn to than BeefEater. BeefEater is the leading brand in BBQs and BBQ accessories, providing everything you could need to for the most well-equipped and complete BBQ ever.

GYC: Providing Top BeefEater BBQ and BBQ Equipment

When choosing BeefEater, you want more than just your ideal BBQ; BeefEater works best when paired together with its exclusive BeefEater accessories designed specifically to enhance your BeefEater BBQ. Out of all BBQ stores Sydney provides, GYC is the leading provider in all BeefEater products, making us Sydney’s Ultimate BeefEater BBQ Hub. BeefEater’s products are known for their tough, reinforced materials and construction, top-of-the-line technology, and unbeatable approach when it comes to providing top-class BBQs and BBQ accessories.

So what makes BeefEater the best when it comes to creating the classic outdoor BBQ experience?

• Heavy Duty Construction: Heavy duty construction and superior design. BeefEater BBQ frames are made with heavy gauge steel, with all joints welded together ensuring strength and a long life. This also guarantees that BeefEater BBQs will never break down or leak, and can be used as many times as you want.

• Serious Cooking: With high output 19 megajoule cast-iron burners paired with a heat reflection system that directs all heat to the cooking surface, BeefEater creates a cooking experience unlike any other. Sear steaks to perfection, trapping your meat's juices in every bite, and pre-heat food with ease. And with the vaporiser grid, all excess juices are melted away to make that true BBQ flavour you're looking for.

• Top Design: Every BBQ has a fully welded frame, preventing any kind of leak. BeefEater BBQs are equipped with a grease management system that drains grease from the cooking surface, funnelling it into a removable tray below. This makes it the easiest BBQ on the market to clean.

• Full Set of Accessories: Personalise your BBQ to fulfil whatever need you have. All BeefEater BBQs are flexible and modular, allowing for a full experience with any accessory you have in mind. Accessories include roasting hoods, warming racks, rotisserie kit, side burners, trolleys, condiment and storage racks, or even a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen made of galvanised steel, and many more.

Popular Beefeater BBQs and Accessories

BeefEater Discovery Cover Burner Mobile Barbecue, Full Length

The full length BeefEater Discovery Cover 3 is the best solution when it comes to covering your outdoor BeefEater BBQ. This protects it from all weather conditions, such as intense heat, rain, and snow. This waterproof and weather-resistant cover will keep your BeefEater BBQ and accessories fresh and brand new for years.

BeefEater Discovery Cover

BeefEater Stainless Steel Built-In Single Door & Propane Drawer Combo

When looking to add options to your outdoor kitchen, there may be no better answer than the BeefEater Stainless Steel Built-In Single Door and Propane Tank Drawer Combo. Find yourself equipped with the ideal space to store your propane tank and anything else you may need. Complete your outdoor kitchen with this beautifully designed sleek stainless steel addition.

BeefEater Stainless Steel Built-in Single Door and Propane Drawer Combo

BeefEater BUGG Charcoal Starter Accessory

Looking for an easy way to start your BeefEater BUGG BBQ quickly? Get your small and compact BUGG BBQ going right away with this attachable BeefEater BUGG Charcoal Starter. With a smooth stainless steel design, it will fit right in with your BUGG BBQ.

BeefEater BUGG Charcoal Starter Accessory

BeefEater 3-in-1 BBQ Cleaning Tool

After the first time you use the BeefEater 3-in-1 BBQ Cleaning Tool, you will wonder where this amazing 3-in-1 brush has been your entire life. Wipe away stains, remove built up grease, and brush off charred bits like they're nothing with this scraper, scrubber, and brush, all at hand. Don't bother storing half a dozen cleaning tools again, when you can have everything with this.

BeefEater 3-in-1 BBQ Cleaning Tool

BeefEater BUGG Graphite Mobile Barbecue With Stand

This light, compact, and mobile barbecue is amazing for out-of-town barbecue experiences, providing all the comfort of the traditional BBQ with all the mobility and ease you could want. This device is built with an easy to clean vitreous enamel coated hood with a spring assist and is equipped with detachable shelves, a sturdy stand, and an integrated thermometer. Easy to clean and easy to pack away -- you can’t get better than the BeefEater BUGG.

BeefEater BUGG Graphite BBQ

Don’t wait another day. Maximize your next BBQ from shopping at GYC -- the ultimate BBQ stores Sydney can offer. We stock everything BeefEater offers, from top-of-the-line BBQs and outdoor kitchens, to every accessory you could ever imagine, from hoods, to covers, to cleaning tools, to extra racks, kits, and much more.

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