Sydney's Newest BBQ Store

Sydney's Newest BBQ Store

Posted by GYC Mower Depot On 27th Sep 2017 In bbq store sydney, sydney bbq store, bbq stores

The Ultimate Source of All Things BBQ In Sydney

Setting up BBQ parties is a great way to bring family and friends together out in the backyard. Maybe you recently completed an amazing landscaping job and want to show it off. Perhaps you finished cleaning and mowing the backyard. Either way, having a BBQ party is a great way to celebrate these little milestones.

When we think of the ultimate BBQ checklist, we pay so much attention to food and drinks. Some nice cold beer is pretty mandatory, and maybe some games to keep the crowd pumped up. But do you even think about where all this is happening?

The Backyard: Front and Center

Most people wouldn’t even think about the outdoors. After all, it’s just “in the background”. But really, it makes up 50% of the party! Think about it: every time you’ve eaten out in a restaurant, the dining experience was more than just the meal. It included everything that happened to you during that meal; dining ambiance has a huge impact on dining experience.

The same goes for BBQ parties. You might think it’s “just the outdoors”, but it’s so much more than that. How you treat your backyard can and will affect the entire cookout experience.

We get it, outdoor maintenance is just too much to handle. In fact, even some of the biggest BBQ lovers would steer clear from throwing their own cookout precisely because dealing with their backyard scares them. We’re talking scattered leaves, wild vines, patches of bald grass, and other natural clutter. At the end of the day, planning for a BBQ party includes planning for maintenance.

Luckily for you, there is now a one-stop shop where you can get gardening supplies while shopping for all your barbecue needs. That’s right, Sydney’s biggest gardening retailer, GYC Mower Depot, just stepped up its game. Introducing its brand new barbecue products.

Your One-Stop Shop: GYC Mower Depot

Too often, BBQ supplies and gardening equipment come in separate boxes—not anymore! GYC Mower Depot is changing the game by combining our love for BBQs and great outdoor experience under the same roof.

You may know the depot giant for its extensive list of mowing and gardening products in Sydney. Guess what, the company recently launched an equally extensive list of amazing BBQs and BBQ accessories for your next cookout. Talk about convenience!

GYC Mower Depot showrooms just became every dad’s heaven. The showroom still boasts durable mowers and other gardening equipment. But now, GYC Mower Depot will also dedicate a great space to its brand new BBQ section, where you can shop anything from grill cleaners, to grills, to a propane cabinet. Despite its recent inclusion, their BBQ section already shows great promise. Aside from the actually BBQ themselves, you can also find cleaning tools, BBQ tools like knives and tongs, and even a charcoal holder.

What to Buy

It is the ultimate BBQ haven for anyone who loves throwing BBQ parties. GYC Mower Depot offers hundreds of BBQ accessories and products that suits every style and price range. With just $399, you can get a beginner BeefEater Bugg Mobile Barbecue. Or if you want a heavy-duty griller, you can choose between the BeefEater Discovery 100R 4 Burner at $849 or the BeefEater Disovery 1100 E 5 Burner at $1,599. Don’t hesitate to talk to their staff.

Shopping tip: When it comes to BBQs, expensive doesn’t always mean better. Consider your budget and your needs. Are you planning to host a small cookout with about five people in attendance? Or are you hosting your entire extended family, leaving you thinking about forty to fifty attendees? These facts definitely will play a part in influencing your decisions.

You can also find various accessories for cleaning. There’s the BeefEater 3-in-1 BBQ Cleaning Tool for only $10 and the BeefEater Brass Barbecue Y-Shaped Brush for $17.95. Tongs, knives, roast holders, and other tools are available from $15 to $30.

Want more space? Choose from their many side burners to get the extra grilling space for those patties and hotdogs. Need protection? Get your grill a weather coat for $75 to $95. You can even get a sleek outdoor sink for just $599.

Aside from the awesome range of BeefEater grills, GYC Mower Depot offers dozens of add-ons and accessories that would fit just about any other grill brand.

Why You Should Choose GYC Mower Depot

One of the best things about GYC Mower Depot is their expertise with the outdoors. Their flagship products—gardening and mowing equipment—say it all! You can be sure that they can give you advice on how to spruce up your backyard and how to create a great BBQ party.

With their vast expertise with the BBQ experience, you can count on them to help you out when it comes to throwing the best BBQ party. 

What are you waiting for? Check out the nearest GYC Mower Depot and step up your BBQ party game.