Earth augers are drilling devices. They come in a variety of styles and uses: you can have wood augers for cutting clean circles in timber (although now we almost always just use a power drill), you can use augers in construction with special drilling rigs to make deep holes for foundation piles, and augers – either gas or hand powered – are also used by ice fishermen to drill holes to fish through!

When you’re talking about augers in the gardening sense, you’re talking about a drill that is used to make holes in the earth. They’re called earth augers, soil augers or mechanised post-hole diggers. These augers are usually used for planting trees and bushes, sometimes for digging fence post holes, sometimes for making footings for construction; and sometimes you just need to dig a hole.

No matter what, when you need to dig a hole, there’s nothing worse than facing the task with a shovel! Save yourself time and labour and get yourself a quality earth auger and auger bits from GYC.

Echo Earth Auger

High-torque one-person auger, 4-MIX® engine with low fuel consumption, low noise and vibration levels. Standard with QuickStop drill brake, long-life air filter system and support cushion.

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Hand-Held Petrol Drill that can be used for many different farming and commercial applications. Technical data Displacement cm³ 27.2 Power output kW/bhp 0.8/1.1 Weight kg 1) 4.8 Tank volume l 250.00 Standard features ...