Where to Buy High-Performance, Affordable Lawn Mowers from in Australia

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GYC Mower Depot

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - For those thinking of buying their first lawn mower or upgrading their worn-out mower, the leading Japanese manufacturer, Honda has trusted GYC Mower Depot as their national dealer and distributor of high-powered Honda lawn mowers in Australia. The trusted retailer specialises in offering the high-quality mowers at an affordable price.

GYC Mower Depot raved about the state-of-the-art products on their website, “Honda has always been impressive with its technology and the tech giant has become a household favorite with its amazing line of mowers. And the best part is Honda recognizes the need for more affordable equipment, packaged in the same cutting-edge mower.”

The company itself is trusted by customers to provide them with high-quality products and exceptional service. Joel G., a satisfied customer, gave the company a 5-star rating saying, “GYC Mower Depot is by far the 

Honda HRE370

best mowing/gardening product and service store I have come across. Their store fit-out, products, and service are leap years ahead of any other competing place I've come across. Top place, highly recommended!”

They offer Honda Lawn Mowers for first-time low-use users and commercial high-use users. They have several types of mowers including self-propelled, electric, push, and petrol mowers. Their lowest price mower, the Honda HRE370 comes with a $399 price tag. This affordable mower is exceptional for cutting a small-sized lawn. It is also rustproof and lightweight but with a 1.3kW power and a convenient grass catcher. They also offer commercial mowers for as low as $799. The Honda Buffalo Buck KI mower is made to suit Australian conditions, with a rust-free alloy chassis, heavy-duty ball-bearing wheels, a 2-blade cutting system, extra large grass catcher, and an engine guaranteed to start the first time every time.

The company also offers Honda Gardening Equipment with the best prices guaranteed. They have blowers, vacs, brush cutters, trimmers, hedgers, pruners, tillers, rotary hoes, multi-purpose tools, and attachments. All products are covered by a warranty. Honda lawn mowers come with a 2 to 4-year warranty for residential use and a 3-month to 2-year warranty for commercial use.

GYC Mower Depot is the trusted nationwide retailer of Honda lawn mowers in Australia. Visit any one of their 7 GYC Mower Depot stores in Sydney, Australia. For inquiries, interested parties may contact them by phone at 02 9584 5860 or by email at For more information, visit their website at Their Head Office and Showroom is based at 133 Boundary Rd, Peakhurst NSW 2210, Australia. They are open Monday to Friday, 7:30 AM to 5 PM and Saturdays, 8 AM to 3 PM.

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Company Name: GYC Mower Depot
Contact Person: Me-Ann Becina
Phone: 02 9584 5860
Address: 133 Boundary Rd
City: Peakhurst
State: New South Wales
Country: Australia

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