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At GYC Mower Depot, we know everything there is to know about maintaining and looking after your garden or outdoor area. Whether you are taking care of a residential or commercial property, we have the gardening equipment for you. When it comes to arborist equipment, GYC are the state distributors for ATRAES.

ATRAES stocks the right arborist supplies, equipment and accessories to specifically suit professionals who are responsible for ethically cultivating, managing and removing trees. 


Arborists in Australia

Arborists are Australia’s tree care professionals. They have the skills and responsibility to cultivate and manage trees, shrubs and vines by performing correct tree pruning, tree removal, and other tree services. This line of work is distinctively different from foresters or loggers because their priority is the health and safety of individual trees and their work is usually undertaken on commercial, residential and public property.

Most arborists in Australia hold formal certification paired with a wealth of arboriculture knowledge and experience to perform this specialised work. Continual training is also needed to advance their skills and techniques further. So if you ever need your tree professionally pruned, managed or ethically removed, always choose an arborist!


Arborist Equipment Sydney Wide from GYC Mower Depot & ATRAES

The correct rigging and climbing equipment is required to help arborists move and navigate up and around the tree safely. ATRAES stocks all forms of arborist equipment for tree care professionals including anchors and rigging, chainsaw accessories, helmets, lowering devices and more. ATRAES also supplies fall arrest devices and the right selection of protective and safety clothing.

No need to settle for sub-par equipment when everything you could ever need for safe and efficient tree climbing and pruning can be found and purchased instore from GYC Mower Depot or online from


ATRAES – Specialist Arborist Supplies for the Commercial Arbor Industry

The arbor industry in Australia has some of the most experienced climbers and arborists in the world. With such a high level of expertise in our country, these professionals demand only the very best climbing and safety equipment todo their job safely and efficiently.

That’s why at GYC Mower Depot, we want our customers to have the very best arborist supplies from ATRAES – Australia’s leading online arborist supplier in Australia. Wherever you are located in Sydney or NSW, you can purchase these products instore at GYC Mower Depot or online at

ATRAES strives to satisfy these demands by providing the best climbing and safety equipment at very competitive prices.

Click here to visit the ATRAES website and online shop.


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