A Brush, a Scrubber and a Scraper. Ideal for cleaning barbecue cooking surfaces Easily removes built up grease.

BeefEater® Multifunctional Barbecue Spatula Made from heavy duty stainless steel, this spatula is a must have BBQ tool for all the burger and meat product lovers. Flipping burgers are super easy with the large surface area of the spatula...

BeefEater BUGG Roast Holder. Perfect accessory for you BeefEater BUGG BBQ. Chromed Roast Holder works with the BUGG - Baking Dish* Sold separately.  

BeefEater® Brass Barbecue Brush (Y-shaped)  The perfect cleaning accessory for your BeefEater BBQ. Cleaning your BBQ is made easier with this heavy duty brass cleaning tool. The brass bristle design allows even the toughest grease and fat...

BUGG Teflon Liner Pack Heavy duty non-stick Teflon Liners Reusable Multipurpose bag + liners Ideal for grilling and cooking meats, poultry, seafood's, vegetables, ribs, marinated foods, bacon & eggs Want to cook with delicious marinades but don't...